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Welcome to Antonelli College!

Marketing and Social Media Management - Jackson Campus

Pursuing an Associate’s Degree of Applied Business in Marketing and Social Media Management at Antonelli College in Jackson, MS, will prepare you for the unique needs of business in the 21st century. Most companies see the value of promoting themselves on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Social Media is a landscape that changes frequently as new networks provide for participants. Knowing traditional marketing techniques is important in business, but having knowledge of current avenues for company and product promotion will give you the edge when looking for a job.

Your Duties in the Marketing and Social Media Management Field

As a professional in marketing and social media, you might expect to perform duties such as:

  • Work with department heads or staff to determine their marketing needs
  • Integrate social media into an overall marketing plan
  • Evaluate the look and feel of websites used in campaigns or layouts
  • Plan strategies for print, online and social media advertising, as well as promotional campaigns
  • Plan advertising and promotion in media such as radio, television, print, online media and billboards
  • Continuously refresh content on social media and websites
  • Negotiate long and short term advertising contracts
  • Initiate market research studies and analyze their findings to understand customer and market opportunities for businesses

Career Opportunities

Your degree in marketing and social media management can open a variety of career directions for you as you find your niche. You might have a mainstream marketing title such as Analyst, Marketing Associate or Marketing Manager, or have a title that best reflects your expertise in social media.

Many jobs in the field require at least a four-year degree, but there are entry-level positions available for those with an Associate degree as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is growing by about 12% per year. Median salaries for the industry are promising:

Your Course of Study

Your course work at Antonelli College will introduce you to social media management and provide you with the best training in marketing techniques. The core of marketing requires looking at society and determining how to best target potential customers, therefore coursework is based on research, design, data analysis, business, advertising and ethics.

MK1104 Introduction to Marketing 4
MK2104 Strategic Marketing 4
MK2204 Public Relations 4
MK2304 Social Media Applications 4
MK2314 Customer Engagement through Social Media 4
MK2324 Social Media Issues and Ethics 4
MK2904 Internship in Marketing and Social Media Management 4
BM1104 Introduction to Business Management 4
BM1204 Professional Communications 4
BM2204 Sales, Persuasion, and Customer Service 4
BM2414 Entrepreneurship 4
CC1104 The Freshman Experience 4
CC2104 Transition to Professional Practice 4
DL1104 Productivity Software I 4
DL1204 Productivity Software II 4
EN1104 English Composition I 4
EN1204 Oral Communications 4
Restricted Elective(s)* 8
Humanities Elective(s) 4
Social Science Elective(s) 4
Mathematics Elective(s) 4
Natural Science Elective(s) 4
General Elective(s) 4
Program Total 96

* Restricted electives in this program are drawn from courses in Marketing (MK), Accounting (AC), Business Management (BM), Digital Graphics (DG), Digital Literacy and Productivity (DL), Information Technology (IT), Hospitality Management (HM), or other courses relevant to the student’s career objectives by permission of the Department Chair.

Why Antonelli College, Jackson Campus?

You can obtain an Associate’s Degree of Applied Business in Marketing and Social Media Management from Antonelli College at the Jackson, MS campus or online.

Located at 2323 Lakeland Drive in Jackson, the campus has been a part of the college since 1996 when it was opened to continue educational traditions dating back to 1947. The college was started in Cincinnati, Ohio, as the Gabbard Art School. Since 1982, it has been known as Antonelli College.

Antonelli College is known for its state-of-the-art training, its small class sizes and quality faculty with industry expertise. The marketing program at Antonelli, was designed to be completed in four semesters or 64 weeks of class. The 16-week semesters are split into two modules of eight weeks each.

For information about the Associate’s Degree of Applied Business in Marketing and Social Media Management at Jackson, contact us today at 877.500.4304.

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