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Welcome to Antonelli College! We are glad that you have chosen the medical assisting training program at our Jackson, MS campus. If you have a desire to become a part of a health care team, providing assistance to doctors, and building relationships with patients, a career as a medical assistant may be a good option for you. At Antonelli College in Jackson, we will provide you with a quality education that has the potential to help you find job opportunities in the medical assisting industry.


When you enroll in the medical assisting training program on our Jackson campus, you will receive classroom instruction and training from professionals who may have worked, or are currently working in the health care industry. All of the instructors at Antonelli College have one job; that is to provide our students with the best learning experience as they possibly can. We realize that you have a dream of becoming a medical assistant when you enroll in this program, and our instructors and staff on the Jackson campus will work with you, helping you learn the skills and knowledge that could possibly lead to career opportunities.

We will also provide our students with certification preparation. Earning your certification as a medical assistant has the potential to increase your career options, depending on the type of employer you are working for, as well as the current state of the medical assisting industry.


The medical assisting degree and diploma programs offered at our Jackson campus are designed to help you learn more about the health care industry, which includes receiving the training that could help you gain the advanced clinical and clerical experience that a lot of employers in the industry will look for in candidates. Some of the training that you receive from the medical assisting training program at Antonelli College in Jackson could help you learn a variety of duties, such as:

  • Scheduling appointments for patients
  • Measuring vital signs
  • Preparing blood samples for laboratory tests
  • Recording patient history
  • Assisting physicians with patient examinations
  • and more…

You could find job opportunities in a variety of health care facilities, including positions within a physician's office.


Working in the medical assisting industry is something that you have the option to do on a full or part-time basis, depending on your schedule, and the job that you are applying for. Full-time employees working as a medical assistant could potentially earn a median annual wage of $29,370, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Once you have successfully completed the medical assisting training program on our Jackson campus, you could have the skills and knowledge necessary to apply for a variety of job opportunities that may be available. Over the next few years, the medical assisting industry is expected to grow by 29 percent. As the practices and health care facilities around the world continue to expand, the demand for medical assistants has the potential to increase.

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To learn more about the medical assisting training program available at our Jackson campus, contact us today. Antonelli College is ready to help you begin the journey toward pursuing your educational – and career – dreams!

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