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Your search for practical nursing colleges in Hattiesburg should begin and end with Antonelli College. We have a practical nursing program in Hattiesburg that you can enroll in and receive a quality education, with classroom instruction and hands-on training that could help you get the skills and knowledge that may be required once you enter the nursing industry.


Antonelli College is focused on giving students the individual attention that they deserve, which is why our classroom sizes are small to give each student a more one-on-one type of learning environment. While enrolled in the practical nursing degree program at our Hattiesburg campus, you will receive classroom instruction pertaining to various courses and topics, in addition to clinical experience outside of the classroom. When it comes to practical nursing schools in Hattiesburg, MS, we are definitely one of the best.

Some of the courses and topics that you will learn about while enrolled in practical nursing classes on the Hattiesburg campus include:

  • Nursing
  • Biology
  • Pharmacology
  • Anatomy
  • and more…


After you have successfully completed the practical nursing classes at the Hattiesburg campus, there are a variety of options available to you. Furthering your education is always an option; in addition to applying for career opportunities in the nursing field. Before you can begin practicing as a practical nurse, you will need to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). Once you have passed the exam, finding job opportunities that you qualify for is an option. Some of the skills and knowledge that you learn while enrolled in Antonelli College’s practical nursing school in Hattiesburg will help you with real-life work situations, such as:

  • Contributing to a patient’s plan of care
  • Assisting with data collection
  • Performing basic preventative measures
  • Assisting a registered nurse or physician as necessary

Practical Nursing in Hattiesburg Mississippi


The salary for a student who completes our practical nursing program in Hattiesburg could be eligible the nursing industry. The median annual wage for practical nurses is $41,540, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Over the next few years, the demand for practical nurses is expected to grow by 25 percent. The training program at our practical nursing school in Hattiesburg could help increase your chances of finding employment once you have successfully completed the program and received licensure.

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When looking for a practical nursing school in Hattiesburg, MS, Antonelli College should be your choice. Call now and speak with a representative about the training program requirements, as well as our enrollment process.

The Practical Nursing graduates from our Hattiesburg campus are trained and prepared to provide direct patient care by assisting with evaluation and data collection of patients, contributing to a plan of care, performing basic therapeutic and preventive nursing measures, and assisting in evaluating the outcomes of nursing interventions of patients with commonly occurring health problems. Upon completing the program, you can find employment working under the direction of a Registered nurse, physician, podiatrist, oral surgeon or other qualified professional.

Our practical nursing program in Mississippi typically takes 12-14 months to complete. These nursing courses get you ready for a profession as an LPN by providing you both clinical and laboratory training and instruction. Antonelli College has experienced instructors and training equipment to ensure you get a well-rounded education that will prepare you to apply for licensure as a Practical Nurse. In order to become an LPN in Mississippi, you will need to complete the Practical Nursing program, and pass the NCLEX-PN exam.


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