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Major corporations and small businesses alike are increasingly turning to social media specialists who can to help them market and brand their businesses in online communities. Take this opportunity to position yourself for a future career with social media courses from Antonelli College.

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Our social media classes in Hattiesburg take a well-rounded approach to marketing and social media. And our advanced facility, small class sizes and experienced faculty can help give you an edge as you learn how social media affects culture, business, economic growth, ethics and future trends.

As a student of our social media education program, you can learn economics, marketing, public relations, social media applications and entrepreneurial skills. In addition, our program is designed to deliver the social trend-tracking, media development, writing, editing, content consulting and public relations skills you will need to be successful in this field.

Graduates with a social media marketing degree can pursue career opportunities such as:

  • Brand relations specialist
  • Interactive marketer
  • Online marketer
  • Social media associate

Antonelli – Hattiesburg has small class sizes, friendly and knowledgeable faculty members and flexible scheduling. In addition, we’ve built strong community connections, and our career services department can use those connections to help you find internship and career opportunities in the area.

Take this opportunity to position yourself for a future career in social media management. For more information on earning your social media degree in Hattiesburg, contact Antonelli College by clicking the button below.

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