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Ohio Nursing Board Voted to Extend Conditional Approval of Antonelli College’s Practical Nursing Program

Today the Ohio Board of Nursing voted to extend the conditional approval of the Practical Nursing program at Antonelli College's Cincinnati campus. Effective immediately, Antonelli College will begin enrolling nursing students for the January semester.

“We are thrilled with the board’s decision to extend approval for our nursing program," said Mary Ann Davis, President of Antonelli College. “We have worked very cooperatively with the Board to be certain we are in compliance with all the requirements of a quality PN program. This extension of our approval validates all of our efforts and allows us to continue to serve our students and the Greater Cincinnati community.”

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Antonelli College’s Cincinnati Campus Granted Stay Order for PN Program

Antonelli College has been granted a stay of the recent order by the Ohio Board of Nursing’s revoking their approval of the program the Practical Nursing Program. A stay grants Antonelli College the opportunity to resume classes and allow our nursing students to move forward in their program.

The leadership of Antonelli College will immediately be meeting with the practical nursing students impacted by this decision to help them resume their classes and to alleviate this disruption to their lives.

“We are pleased with the court’s decision to grant a stay on the Ohio Board of Nursing’s decision to revoke approval of our program. From the moment we learned of the Board’s decision our first focus has been to find a solution for the students. This decision will impact so many of our students by allowing them to continue in their pursuit to become nurses,” said Mary Ann Davis, President of Antonelli College. “We will continue with our appeal of the Board’s’ decision and we feel confident that we will be successful in our appeal. “

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