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4 Reasons Everyone Needs a Financial Management Professional

Posted on

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for financial managers continue to grow at a quick pace and you can get in on this exciting field with a degree from Antonelli College. With the right skills you can easily find a job in a variety of settings, helping people and businesses with accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation and more. Here are the top four reasons this is a stable career that will always be in demand:


1.     Individuals don’t have financial expertise. This is one reason you’ll need to go to Antonelli for a degree if you want to work in finance. The skills needed to make smart money decisions aren’t skills that everyone has. This is why people will always need financial managers. You can be the person who brings much-needed expertise to help an individual or a company make better financial choices and to meet money goals.

2.     Everyone needs to plan for the future. Planning for the future is important for everyone, from all walks of life. Even those who don’t make a lot of money, future financial planning is the key to being able to retire and live comfortably later in life. Most people aren’t great at investing and saving, which is why they need people like you, people trained in financial management, to help them figure out how to save enough money for retirement and for unexpected events later in life.

3.     Even smart people have money problems. Even clever people struggle with money management and that’s because they don’t have the training to make the best money decisions. This means that everyone runs into financial problems at some point in their lives, and when they do, they turn to financial management professionals to find a solution. You could be that person who helps people get through money struggles.

4.     All businesses need financial management professionals. It isn’t just individuals who need financial professionals. Businesses can’t run without someone watching their money and doing so requires special skills. With the right training, you could become a valuable asset to any company. All businesses need people who can handle payroll, do tax preparation, complete the bookkeeping and manage accounts, not to mention find ways to save money and maximize profits. All of this comes down to the financial professionals, who are always in demand.


Everyone, from individuals to families to businesses small and large, need financial professionals to plan, save, and fix problems. With an associate of applied business degree in financial management from Antonelli College you could be that in-demand professional. We offer this program at two campuses and online with flexible class schedules. Financial aid is available to those who qualify, and career placement services for after you earn your degree. There is no better way to get into an exciting and stable finance career than to start with a good education like the one you’ll get at Antonelli. Contact us TODAY!

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The Top 10 Marketing Skills

Posted on

Certain things never change. Marketing will always be about creating a relationship with customers. But the methods have changed dramatically. If you’re interested in a marketing career, figuring out what you need to know can be tough. With this in mind, here are the marketing skills you need to get yourself hired. (Most of which, by the way, you can acquire by getting a Marketing and Social Media Degree from Antonelli College.)


1.    Social media skills. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about marketing. The most successful marketers know how to use each social media outlet to its best advantage. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — they’re all huge. But each one needs a different approach for communicating a message that will stay true to the brand that is being represented.


2.    Interpersonal skills. Some people prefer to work in isolation. That doesn’t work for marketers. You need good oral communication skills and emotional intelligence in order to build relationships with colleagues and clients. These skills can help you understand your audience as well — what is a demographic but a collection of individuals?


3.    Writing skills. Of course social media is a huge part of marketing. But people tend to forget how much of it involves writing. Can you create compelling content for Facebook? Can you get a message across in 140 characters? Plus you’re going to be writing proposals, e-mailing clients—you’d better be able to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely.


4.    Creativity. People tend to think of this more as a quality than a skill, but creativity can definitely be developed. It takes practice to get yourself into the frame of mind to let things happen, and you have to be comfortable sharing those ideas. Not feeling too creative? Spend ten minutes every morning free-writing.


5.    Marketing Fundamentals. Marketing is a lot more than just tweeting about a product. The best marketers have a solid foundation in the basics. They know how to find their target audience, create a marketing campaign and quantify the results. Without these skills, everything else won’t get you very far.


6.    Branding. This is a job in and of itself. Nevertheless a well rounded marketer knows how to find the essence of a brand and craft its message. It’s just as important to understand what’s off-brand.


7.    Curiosity. Okay, maybe this is more of a quality than a skill. But without it, you’ll have a difficult time succeeding in marketing. The best marketers have their eyes open to new experiences and new people. When you’re always learning about the world, it often provides insight that you can bring to your work. And it makes life more interesting.


8.    Technical skills. Marketers should have some technical proficiency. For example, some basic coding, Photoshop and design skills are crucial right and now and may only become more important.


9.    Offline marketing skills. Social media dominates the marketing landscape. To the point where so many other methods are ignored. Event marketing, direct mail, sponsorship—the real marketers know how to communicate a message offline.


10.  Online advertising. We’re going to see more marketing campaigns turning to Facebook and Google Ads. First of all, they’re relatively inexpensive. And second, they can be an amazingly precise way to track the success of your message.

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The Importance of Financial Management in Today’s Economy

Posted on

By earning an Associate’s Degree in Financial Management from Antonelli College you will become an active and important part of the modern economy. No business functioning today can be successful without workers who have the skills to manage money, do the accounting and bookkeeping, collect bills, and run payroll. Managing finances is so important to businesses today, which means that you have a chance to work toward a stable and rewarding career in this field.


There is no Business without Financial Management

Businesses generate money; they pay bills for materials; they pay employees; they earn money by selling products or services. Without someone to manage the money coming in and going out, a business can’t exist. Entrepreneurship and small businesses are on the rise in today’s economy and that means that more positions for financial managers will continue to become available. With the skills you learn earning a degree in the subject you can become this crucial cog in just about any business.


Businesses Need Cost Analysis

If the finances of a business aren’t managed well it could be leaking money. Every company needs someone skilled in accounting and bookkeeping, not just to keep the books, but to look at the finances with a critical eye. A good financial manager can study each line item and decide where money could be saved or more should be spent. The same people who develop and sell products and services for a business don’t necessarily have the time or the knowledge to do this kind of financial work, which is why a good financial manager is so important.


Businesses Have to Manage Payroll

Even small businesses, with only a handful of employees need to devote time to payroll. For larger companies, paying employees can easily get out of control without good management. All businesses need someone to handle payroll. With your degree in financial management you could work for a small- or medium-sized business as a payroll manager, or you could work for a payroll company handling the payroll accounts for any number of larger businesses.


Smart Businesses Plan for Taxes

The tax code is more complicated than ever, and if you understand accounting you can play an important role in any business. Planning for taxes involves being able to pay quarterly estimated taxes, deciding when the best time to make big purchases is, and trying to maximize deductions. Even for a small business, taxes are complex and making sure they get paid and that money isn’t wasted is crucial for the success of a company of any size.


The importance of financial management for any business can’t be overstated. Without managing the money, no company can be successful. When you study at Antonelli College and earn a degree in financial management, you make yourself invaluable to a number of employers. You can earn your degree with a flexible schedule while taking care of family responsibilities and put yourself on a path to a great and stable career in a field that will always be open to skilled and talented workers.

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Why Sales Management is Important to our Consumer Economy

Posted on

We live in a consumer economy, with as much as 70 percent of spending done by consumers. This means that selling to consumers is crucial to keeping the economy afloat. Consumer spending is especially important when the economy is recovering from a recession. With so much riding on consumers buying what retailers are selling, sales management becomes a vital cog in the machinery of the economy. You can be a part of this by earning an associate degree in sales management from Antonelli College. Doing so will put you at the heart of our consumer economy and here’s why:

·       Consumer spending drives the economy. If you listen to financial news, you will hear this common statement said in many different ways. We live in a consumer economy and consumption of goods and services by individuals and businesses is essential to keeping it going. Economists always get nervous when consumers switch from spending to saving, highlighting the importance of consumerism to the overall economy. Consumer needs and wants drive that spending, but sales management teams motivate them to spend more.

·       Businesses need to sell to survive. In any kind of economy, a business has a job to sell products and services. If a company can’t be competitive and get their goods out to consumers, it won’t last long. Selling may begin with the quality of the product or service, but it is the sales management team that drives the consumer to pull the trigger and buy.

·       Sales management is the lynchpin of a business. A successful business has many important components. It must have good leaders guiding the workers and the company as a whole. Those who create and develop the products and services are essential for providing consumers with something they both want and need. Most importantly though, sales management convinces consumers that they want and need what is being sold. Without a good sales team, a business cannot survive.

·       Sales teams drive economic recovery. We have come through a bad recession, and the sign that the economy is in recovery is always related to consumer spending. When people slow down their savings and speed up their spending, we all breathe a sigh of relief. Sales management is responsible for convincing consumers to spend more and continue the recovery of a healthy economy. Recovery is when sales teams really step up their games and make a big contribution to bringing strength back to the economy.

If you want to be a part of a strong, recovering economy, sales management is a great place to start. With an associate’s degree from Antonelli College, you can learn the skills you need to find your new career in sales. You can take classes around your schedule and finish your degree sooner than you imagined was possible. With your degree you will find yourself ready to work in a field that is not only important to the economy, but one that can provide you with a stable and meaningful career.


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5 Fundamentals to Improve Your Sales Management Skills

Posted on

Sales is an exciting career, especially for anyone who is outgoing and enjoys being around people. With an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Sales Management, you can learn the skills to launch your career in sales. Maybe you already have sales experience from working in retail and you want to work your way up into a management position or on a sales team for a larger company. If you love sales, here are five ways you can up your game: 

1.     Get hands-on experience. Selling is an action, which means you can’t do it well without practice. If you have yet to get into sales, now is the time to start practicing. If you work toward a sales management degree at Antonelli College, you will participate in hands-on sales experiences, including an internship. This real-world experience in sales will help you cement the skills you have learned about sales and management.

2.     Learn to be a coach. A career in sales management isn’t just about selling; it’s also about managing a sales team. Think of it like a sports team. You are the coach and your sales representatives are the players. To get the most out of them you have to coach and lead them. You can learn coaching skills from sports experiences, but also from life coaching. Learning more about either position will help you be a better leader once you find a position in sales management.

3.     Earn a degree. You don’t necessarily have to have degree to work in sales, but it will help you immensely. By earning a degree you show potential employers that you are serious about your future in sales and management. On a practical level, a degree in sales management also gives you the skills you need to be good at your job in sales. You will learn invaluable lessons in the classroom from teachers who have been in sales for their entire careers.

4.     Focus on needs. Selling is all about finding out what a potential customer needs. Regardless of what you’re selling, if you can play to a need that your customer has, you can sell it. Always think in terms of a problem your customer has and what he or she needs to fix it; then you can sell anything.

5.     Set goals. Being good at sales management is like anything else in life. It requires knowledge, skills, and practice. To go above and beyond, though, you need to set goals. People who set goals are more successful because they have something concrete to work towards. As you learn to improve your skills, set small, incremental, and achievable goals and you will succeed.

The best way to jumpstart your career in this field is to get started in our sales management degree program. Whether you have yet to land your first sales job or you’re stagnating in in your current sales position, a degree can give you the push you need to take the next step forward and to improve your sales management skills.

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