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What You Can Do with a Business Management Degree Earned Online

Having a business management degree, even if it has been completed online, can bring a wealth of benefits. It can provide you with the foundation that is needed to start a fruitful career – a job that is not only personally-gratifying, but also financially-rewarding. With a business management degree, you can enjoy the same perks as those who have taken the course in a classroom setting. Keep on reading and learn more about some of the opportunities that can open up for you.

Business Analyst

This is one of the most attractive careers for anyone with business management degree earned online. In this job, you will basically be responsible in analyzing business performance with the use of modern tools. Interviews, surveys, competitor analysis and performance reviews are just some of the ways by which you can carry out your analysis. Aside from analytical skills, you must be able to report it in a manner that is comprehensive and easy to understand. Most importantly, you must recommend alternative courses of action.  

Sales Associate

With an online business management degree, there are also opportunities that can open up in sales and retail. This is the perfect choice for anyone who loves being in the front-line. To succeed in this career, you need to have excellent interpersonal skills. Communication is necessary in order to gain the trust of the customer, and in the end, close a deal.

Marketing Manager

Even without a diploma in marketing, a business management degree can help you to land a job in such field. You can work as a marketing manager, which will be basically concerned about creating and executing campaigns for the purpose of promoting the products and services of a company. It is important to have creative skills as this will be necessary in coming up with unique approaches to achieve the desired objectives.

Human Resource Manager

While there are specialized courses in human resources, our online business management degree can also be your ticket towards starting a career in such field. One of the most important subjects that you have to take in this course is human resource management, providing you with the foundation that you need.


An online degree business management will also serve as your stepping stone towards being an entrepreneur. The principles of business management that you will learn can be applied on your own company. From accounting to marketing, among other things that you will learn from your degree, it will be easier for you to manage your own business. Before you start any business endeavor, it would be best to have the right knowledge and skills, which can be possible with a degree in business management.

online business degrees

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Online Degree Programs: Different Business-Related Aspects You Can Learn

Thinking of taking up a business-related degree online? You might have hesitations, basically because you are unsure if it will be worth your time and money. To make it easier for you to decide, keep on reading the rest of this post to learn more! It is going to be an opportunity for you to gain knowledge about the fundamentals, and later on, have it applied in your chosen career. 

Online Degrees in Business

Financial Management 

When it comes to managing a business, one of the most important would be dealing with the financial aspect. With this, an online Financial Management degree will provide you with comprehensive knowledge in finance. From basic accounting to payroll to bookkeeping, you will be dealing with numbers. This will provide you with the opportunity to create assessments and projections based on a variety of financial indicators.  

Human Resource Management 

There is no doubt that the best assets of an organization would be its people. In our online Business Management degree, you will also learn how you will effectively deal with the workforce. You will learn communication skills and conflict resolution. You will learn about how to encourage productivity of the employees, such as through incentives and rewards. 


To promote the products and services of a business, there is a need for an effective marketing plan. With an online degree in Marketing and Social Media Management, you will also learn about the principles of marketing management. Some of the most important aspects would be how to price the product right, and more importantly, how to bring it closer to your target market. This will provide you with knowledge on how to manage competition through successful marketing strategies. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Profitability is the major concern of any business. Nonetheless, while the concern is to earn a profit, this must be done without harming the environment. In addition, the business must also know how to give back and help the community. These are also things that you can learn with an online Business Management degree. 

Consumer Behavior 

To be able to succeed in the field of business, there is a need to have an understanding of how consumer behaves and what affects their purchase decisions. From their demographics to their lifestyle, there are different things that can impact their actions. Our Sales Management degree online program will make you familiar with these things. 


Economics is more than just an understanding of demand and supply. With the principles of economics that you can learn from a Financial Management degree, you will gain knowledge that can be useful in more ways than one. It can help to improve decision-making and can provide you with a more comprehensive view of business performance, as well as how external economic factors are affecting a business.

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Tips for Successfully Studying for an Online Business Management Degree

 Online Business Management Degree

Getting an online business management degree here at Antonelli College is a commendable decision, but it will require determination and hard work if you are to be successful. We have all experienced some form of classroom learning in school, but the truth is that online education is something totally different. To help you maximize your business management course, here are a few practical tips.

Motivation is important when enrolled in a business management degree program online

When studying for an online degree, you must realize that online learning works best for people who have the real interest to learn and are self-starters. All the discipline and motivation must come from you as the student. That is why the self-motivation and commitment need for succeeding in online studying is very attractive to future employers.

By getting an online degree in business management, you have already demonstrated your impressive drive to efficiently work independently without supervision. That alone will give you an excellent advantage over your peers.

Make the online business management degree part of your daily schedule

Set aside enough time for studying for your online business management degree just like you would when attending physical classes. You must have ample time where you sit down quietly and read through the course materials. This way you will be able to understand everything much more clearly.

Identify the time you are going to devote towards studying by determining if you work best in the morning or in the evening. Once you know which time is the most suitable, schedule your study time when you are performing at your best. Also factor in a break time where you can have healthy snacks to keep you focused.

Reward yourself when you achieve milestones in your online business management degree

Working on an online degree requires lots of personal discipline. As a result, you should always reward yourself each time you attain a study milestone. This will help to keep you motivated and continue going till you finish your online course.

The reward can be anything ranging from a simple gift of tasty chocolate for finishing a week’s worth of lessons or by going for a massage once you successfully finish an assignment. It is vital to take some time and reflect on your studies and what you have learnt and be happy about your progress.

In conclusion, earning an online degree in Business Management is a highly marketable course that you can sign up for here at Antonelli College. With the above tips, you will find studying much easier, and you will soon complete your course and get certified to join the working sector as a highly skilled individual.

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Online Business Management Degree Programs

Students who are contemplating about taking an online business management degree program have myriad of choices as well as on their area of specialization. But it will take a bit of perusing and research to sort the options by the type of online school, requirement for the degree and the cost that will be suitable for you.  We have compiled the necessary information to assist the student and narrow down their choices.  

A Short but Comprehensive Guide about Online Business Management Degree Programs

Managers on different sectors are highly responsible for the success of the business.  They are required to finish a post-graduate course in order to effectively assume the role of being a leader.  Let us take a more comprehensive look on the timeline of Online Business Management Degree Programs.

Associate Degree

The associate degree in management may last for 2 years, and it is also referred to as associate degree in Business Management.  It highly varies on the curriculum and institution. Antonelli College's online business management degree program a 19-month program that will provide the student about the basic of general education and business knowledge.  Contingent upon the program, the Associate degree may include 1/3 about management, 1/3 on general business and the remaining 1/3 about general education.  Core programs usually include communication, human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, and accounting.

Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelors level in Online Business Management Degree requires a 120-hour program that usually last for 4 years.  Theoretically, it is consists of 2-year basic education in the fields of science and liberal arts and at least 2 years of concentration in the management area.  Typically students are expected to maintain a minimum grade of 2.0 GPA.  The course is basically a semblance of 4-year bachelor in business curriculum, but the major elective subjects heavily focus on human resources and project management, supply chain, business law, financial management, leadership and organizational structure. 

Master’s Degree

Major universities and colleges are offering this Online Business Management Degree.  The program may take from 1-3 years contingent upon the length of the program and the extent of time that they have to work.  Students of business management have 2 Master degree options to choose from; MBA (Master of Business Administration) and a Master of Business with specialization (i.e. Accounting or Marketing).  There are more than 2,000 educational facilities offering MBA, and most of them are focusing entirely on leadership skill and practical management.  The 30% of the entire curriculum is actually similar with other Master degree.  Masters with specialization is more concentrated on theoretical and academic which is centered on research, analysis and a thesis.

Finally, when choosing the school that offers Online Business Management Degree, you should think about quality.  They should be accredited, support the alumni and student and an efficient delivery of their online course system.


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The Pros and Cons of Gaining an Online Business Management Degree

Online Business Management Degree Program

With the technology today gaining us the power to earn degrees online is amazing. There are countless colleges offering online degree programs, and the platforms continue to get better with time. There are of course pros and cons to everything, and earning a business management degree online is no exception.

Earn a Degree From Home

You have to added advantage not to have to leave your house or even get dressed if you don’t want to. As long as you meet project and assignment deadlines, you can do it at any time of the day or night. This becomes ideal if you are a parent or if you just graduated from high school and still sleep all day but want to earn a business management degree online.

More Cost Effective

Most online degree programs cost about the same as their conventional counterparts but doing some research into different college programs and their costs you can make an educated choice on what meets your budget. Gaining your degree online is more cost-effective simply because you save money on transportation costs, room and board costs and meal plan costs associated with traditional college.

On the Fast Track 

By earning an online business management degree, it will provide a fast track to graduation. Online degree programs are more focused on specific skills and knowledge needs and are cutting out all the extraneous material. There is no need to focus mundane classes, only the ones you need to gain the degree.

No Hands on Experiences

Some subjects don’t fit into the mold of online degree programs, such as those that require hands-on training. The likes of nursing major would not be a good fit for an online degree program. A more traditional setting would be much more prudent.

Personal Responsibility

Working towards an online degree requires you to be extremely organized and personally responsible for yourself, your work and meeting deadlines. If you are not skilled at organization or need motivators to keep you focused, obtaining an online business management degree would not be a good fit for you.

Lack of Networking

With the lack of face to face contact you have with peers and professors while getting your degree online lends itself to not being an easy network building situation. With the program platforms improving with network video chat rooms and video conferencing, it has only gotten better for face to face connections. If you need to make strong connections with peers and your professors, a traditional campus life may be a better option for you.

Earning an online business management degree gains you freedom and flexibility but does not offer close friendship or hands-on experiences. The need to be focused and responsible may be too much for some while for others that is who they are. If you are going online for a degree do your homework and make good choices, after all, this is your life we are talking about.

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Top 3 Career Paths for Business Management Graduates

Top 3 Career Paths for Business Management Graduates

There is no doubt that you can set yourself up for a brighter future with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Antonelli College. We’ve designed the program to give you the skills you need to get ahead in a real-world business environment.


But one thing to remember is that a business degree provides a lot of flexibility to graduates — you don’t have to settle for just any job! It’s a good idea to consider the career path that’s best for you, whether you’re still a student or already a graduate.


To get your brain working, here are 3 career paths to consider when you have an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Antonelli College:


1. Business


Okay, this one is obvious. A Business Management Degree gets you ready for the business world by providing crucial skills like software, accounting, research and writing. But you may not have considered that these skills are transferable to any kind of business. Want an office job? Go for it. But you can also pursue jobs in retail, restaurants, entertainment, manufacturing, — virtually any industry that interests you. And don’t forget there is always the option to start your own business.


2. Non-Profits


As you know, non-profits generally exist to support a cause of some kind. But what you may not have realized is that non-profits are still businesses. They have different ways of getting money and a different tax structure. Nevertheless non-profits have to worry about overhead, payroll and technology solutions — all the stuff that you learn about when you study Business Management. Bare in mind that non-profit employees sometimes don’t earn as much as their for-profit counterparts. But they find that working for a cause they believe in makes up for it.


3. Education


The same goes for the education sector as it does for non-profits — there are all kinds of skills, and most are not businesses. But in terms of skills, there’s a lot of overlap. For example, just like a business, a school is an organization with employees (teachers) and managers (administrators). In many institutions of higher education, you’ll find positions that specifically require business skills like accounting or marketing.


You may be looking at the above list and thinking, “But these career paths include almost any industry.” That’s kind of the point. An Associate’s Degree in Business Management can prepare you for a rewarding career in business. But the skills you’ll learn will be valuable anywhere.

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The Evolution of Business Management

The Evolution of Business Management

It’s tough to pinpoint the exact beginnings of management. But there’s a case to be made for its origins in the Middle Ages. Back then there wasn’t exactly a trained class of professional managers. Still, rich people and royalty (who were usually one and the same) were always looking for competent people to run their affairs, leaving them more time for traditional pursuits, like hunting and eating giant pieces of meat with their hands.


Many royal households in the Middle Ages had a guy called a seneschal, who looked after day-to-day affairs. His job was to supervise the servants and kitchens and keep track of household expenses. Outside of the castle, there might be an overseer managing the money-generating enterprises, like the farms or quarries. The seneschal and overseer were certainly managers. But their jobs were less complicated than today’s managers in that peasants and workers had absolutely no rights.


You also would find management types — people skilled at bureaucracy and decision-making — in organizations like the Church and the military, or in early multinational corporations like the Dutch East India Company.


But management as a field of study arose during the Industrial Revolution. With new manufacturing technologies, organizations could grow like never before. And these enterprises needed people capable of supervising labor, bookkeeping, tracking materials, planning workflow and ensuring quality control — in other words, managers.


A big step forward in American business management occurred with the creation of the Wharton School in 1881. Joseph Wharton was a metals magnate who saw the need for a more systemized training in American business management. While it had certainly been possible to take business classes, Wharton was the first school devoted entirely to business in the United States.


In the early 20th century, managers focused on mass production. The idea was to look for the most efficient, consistent and predictable ways of making stuff in order to maximize profits. Henry Ford’s assembly line — which manufactured cars the same way, with the same parts, every time — was essentially a wildly successful management approach to mass production.


It was around this time that managers also became interested in managing people and not just production. Ford noticed that when you kept the same guy doing the same thing on the production line for too long, his output numbers declined — likely out of sheer boredom. By having workers rotate jobs, Ford found that his workers were more interested in the job, and thus able to crank out more Model Ts.


In mid-century, the discussion shifted to management style. Kurt Lewin’s famous studies researched the effectiveness of three different approaches: autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. He found that the autocratic manager could be effective for a time but tended to result in dissatisfied workers. Laissez-faire managers created “meh” employees and “meh” results. The most successful were democratic types, who let employees voice their opinions and have insight into the decision-making process.


The first big management guru was an Austrian émigré, Peter Drucker. He was an academic who had dedicated his career to understanding how people organize themselves in corporations. He was deeply concerned about the ethical implications of management, urging business leaders to focus both on short-term gains and long-term planning. Drucker spawned a revolution in how people perceived business management. For him, it wasn’t merely a set of skills, but an art unto itself. For better or worse, he also paved the way for popular books on management, most of dubious quality.


The 21st century has already seen so many changes that it is impossible to predict the direction of business management. But we can point to two trends. The first is how people with knowledge-based skills — whom Drucker called knowledge workers — no longer feel much loyalty to their corporate bosses, and vice-versa. This will undoubtedly have a big effect on the future of management.  


The second trend is more optimistic — it’s the interest in empathy as a business management tool. This means that managers will be more focused on understanding their employees and customers in order to work towards everyone’s greater satisfaction.


This is good news. Although technology keeps evolving, our basic needs have stayed the same. In contrast to our medieval ancestors, these days we can hope for a work life of mutual respect and job satisfaction. Then as now, that’s not happening without good managers.

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